A Message from Your Officers-Elect

State Officer Elect

Two new officers will join our CCEA State Officers this year as a result of our recent election, VP-Elect Scott Braden and Secretary-Elect Marty Martin.  President-Elect Antonio Munguia is finishing his term as Secretary, and current Treasurer Vic Whitaker (re-elected this year) will continue in his post with the executive board.

Antonio Munguia –  President Elect

CCEA - Tony Munguia

Principal Tony Munguia

California Continuation High School Community,

One of the main goals of CCEA is to be the center of information for all continuation high school personnel. CCEA wants to provide resources and best practices from schools throughout the state and have the most recent developments on Alternative Education Accountability.

I encourage all continuation high school personnel to become members of CCEA. We are one of the fastest growing facets in California education and many changes are headed our way. As one organization we can meet these changes head on, continue to grow and improve the services that we provide to all our students.

The CCEA State Conference is an excellent platform to learn about best practices being implemented in Continuation High Schools. There will also be plenty of time to network with fellow colleagues and celebrate the accomplishments of our schools and their students. Make sure you don’t miss out on this conference. The conference will be held in beautiful San Diego, CA on April 27th – 29th. To learn more about CCEA and register for the conference click here.

With warmest regards,
Tony Munguia

From:  Desert Valley High School / Brawley Union High School District
Title:  Alternative Education Principal
Location:  Brawley, CA
CCEA Region:  1 – Southern California

Scott Braden –  Vice President Elect

CCEA Scott Braden

Principal Scott Braden

Greetings and salutations, CCEA community!

I’m honored and humbled to have been recently selected to serve as vice president of CCEA.  On a professional level, CCEA and its many resources and partnerships have transformed my school and district.  On a personal level, I’ve been enriched and empowered by the incredible network of professionals who are dynamic thinkers and problem solvers, creative, inspirational and always available.  CCEA truly is, and has been, the vital community and the necessary mouthpiece for alternative education in the state of California.

I have been in the educational trenches and on the frontlines of students’ lives for over twenty years, and I’m a child advocate to the very core.  I truly believe that educators are the molders and shapers of young peoples’ dreams, and if not for educators, there would be little hope in this world.  I never tire of hearing, witnessing and experiencing life transformation at its best.  At my humble school, the educators are often heard saying, “We don’t just believe in miracles…we make them happen!”   I’m reminded that educators are dream makers and image makers—who win hearts and minds.  To me, alternative education educators are nothing shy of superhero status.   Again, thank you CCEA community for allowing me to serve you all and may we all become better so as to give our students a powerful voice.

Scott Braden

From:  Citrus High School / Porterville Unified School District
Title:  Principal
Location:  Porterville, CA
CCEA Region: 3 – Central California

Vic Whitaker III –  Treasurer Elect

CCEA - Vic Whitaker

Treasurer Vic Whitaker

About: A CCEA member for 40 years, Vic has served in all of the organization’s executive offices. Of the 40 annual conferences he has consistently attended, he has been planner for 25 of them. Vic recently oversaw the re-branding of CCEA this past year, along with construction of the new online membership system. The new system has lifted membership and revenue substantially, adding member profiles and interaction features, and better tracking for membership dues and registration fees. Notably in the past, Vic served as treasurer during the return from bankruptcy. He continues to be a strong force of continuity among the other officers, as well as an essential keeper of accounts.

From:  San Diego, CA
Title:  State Treasurer
CCEA Region:  1 – Southern California

Marty Martin – Secretary Elect

CCEA William "Marty" Martin - Photo by Leo Jarzomb of Whittier Daily News

William “Marty” Martin in class — Photo by Leo Jarzomb (Whittier Daily News)

Greetings to All CCEA’ers

First I’d like to thank each of you who took the time to vote. Being a part of the process is a great step towards being more involved! I look forward to working with the newly elected Executive Board as the Association’s Secretary. They are a great bunch of educators who truly care about kids and helping them to achieve their goals.

I am in my twelfth year teaching in Continuation High Schools. I love working with our kids, there is something very special when a light comes on, when a truth is discovered, when a goal is achieved! Ours is a powerful Association, people outside of alternative education, really do not understand what we do and are often amazed when students who were unsuccessful, find success in our environments.

I want to encourage full participation in our Association. Things work best when everyone is involved! Be an Evaluator for the Model Continuation High School program. Go on MCHS visits, it’s amazing how many different ways there are to touch kids’ lives!  We can learn so much from each other’s educational practices. I openly confess to stealing ideas from almost every school I have had the opportunity to visit. There is brilliance all around us.

Please encourage your colleagues to be an active participant in the CCEA! Until they are involved they won’t know what they are missing!

See you in San Diego!

Marty Martin

From:  Frontier High School / Whittier Union High School District
Title:  Teacher
Location:  Whittier, CA
CCEA Region:  2 – Mid-Southern California