We appreciate your support of the California Continuation Education Association Plus (CCEA Plus™). CCEA Plus is a California 501(c)(6) educational nonprofit organization that advocates, promotes and supports alternative education.

Membership fees and registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note: all purchases with CCEA Plus are non-refundable.

Discounted and special member pricing is only available online.

All CCEA Plus invoices will include a $50 processing fee. Additional invoice edits will be provided on a case-by-case basis at an additional $25 per change.


You may register for CCEA Plus through three of our subscription plans: Professional Membership, School Membership and Affiliate Membership.  Each membership is a subscription plan that bills annually.  You may register at anytime to enjoy the benefits of CCEA Plus, including access to the members-only portion of the website.


Membership is an annual subscription service.  Recurring billing (online) is set for one year from the date of purchase.  The yearly purchase price is paid at the time of purchase, and again at the time of renewal, at the beginning of the one-year term.  To purchase membership, you may use a major credit card, PayPal, eCheck (online), or a paper check (sent by mail).  Membership purchased online will run for one year from date of purchase.  School Memberships purchased offline via purchase order, check, mail or paper/pdf form runs for the current “school year” September 1st to August 31 of the following year.


You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your member account, and visiting the My Account page on the website.  By canceling your membership, your account will not renew again at the end of your current billing year. Your membership privileges will continue after cancellation until your year’s term has expired. Cancellation must be done before renewal occurs, as each term is non-refundable once it begins. Membership access and privileges are enabled immediately on purchase and renewal

Please note: we do not pro-rate membership; your non-refundable fees go to continuation education advocacy and improving our programs.

Refund Policy and Changes

Membership fees and registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. Online access to exclusive member content is provided immediately at renewal. We are not able to offer refunds for registration and purchases made on the website (online) or via offline orders. Transferring / switching memberships, registrations or event spots with another person after the order is submitted is not permitted for both online and offline orders. Your non-refundable fees go to continuation education advocacy and improving our programs!

We update our billing policies from time to time, and update them here on this page or on the individual registration/product page in the details section. Please read these details carefully before making a registration or purchase.

Membership Responsibilities

By making a purchase online with CCEA Plus, you are required to agree twice with two affirmations during Checkout that you agree to this billing policy. It is your responsibility to manage your subscriptions via My Account. CCEA Plus is a member-supported and member-run organization. As such, annual dues are programmed to renew each year. Members must be in good standing to participate with the organization, including for events, programs, committees, leadership roles and other activities.

Our Members are Important

We are passionate about education advocacy, and, in turn, want you to have a great experience with CCEA.  We greatly value our members.  If you have any questions of concerns, please contact us directly.  We are happy to discuss individual issues and account concerns, and assist our educators, volunteers, businesses, administrators and other members.

Offline Payments: Purchase Orders and Checks by Mail

If you wish to register with CCEA Plus via offline methods:

Please use this form in advance for purchase orders, Checks, or to register by mail.  Details and instructions can be found at the link.  Member discounts and other promotions are not available via this method of payment. To submit a purchase order with CCEA Plus, please complete this form in advance of your order. This allows our offices to properly track and process your P.O. You will receive the information you need for your paperwork and other instructions via email. A required $50 processing fee will be added to each purchase order submission, Checks by mail, and offline payments. Please add this fee to your paperwork. Additional invoice edits will be provided on a case-by-case basis at an additional $50 per change. Registrations and memberships cannot be confirmed or activated until payment is received, and we have each registeree’s name and email address. For the Conference, actual payment is required before the event (best 2-3 weeks before the event for badge printing).

By using this method, you must certify that you intend to complete the actual payment in timely fashion by the posted deadline, before the event, or within 90 days (whichever comes first). Your school/district will be held responsible for the payment after the request is made and the invoice is issued. Your school/district must be in good standing or the PO request will be declined. Good standing is revoked for late payments (made after posted deadlines or events) and for past POs that remain unpaid after 180 days. CCEA Plus reserves the right to decline PO requests.

Make check payable to:  California Continuation Education Association Plus