The Spotlight Newsletter – September 2023

The Spotlight Newsletter, September 2023

A Monthly Newsletter From CCEA Plus | Second Issue, September 2023 | Download & Share PDF Version A Message from the Board Important clarification from the email newsletter — we mentioned the exciting news about the upcoming Model Schools award program for community day schools. The announcement in the email was just above the schedule and deadlines for the MCHS … Read More

The Spotlight Newsletter – August 2023

The Spotlight Newsletter, August 2023

A Monthly Newsletter From CCEA Plus | First Issue, August 2023 | Download & Share PDF Version A Message from the Board To Our Alt. Ed. Community, Thank you for your hard work, sacrifice, patience, compassion, dedication and all of your tireless efforts to nurture and support the communities you serve. This newsletter is the first of an effort from … Read More

Message from our CDE Ambassador

CCEA Plus 2022 Friday Breakfast and Keynote Event

Dear Colleagues, The “Plus” in the name California Continuation Education Association Plus refers to all types of educational options schools and programs, including community day schools, opportunity education, alternative schools and programs of choice as well as continuation education. This is a great opportunity for all of you to attend a powerful conference and network with peers, as well as … Read More

A Message from Your Officers-Elect

State Officer Elect

Two new officers will join our CCEA State Officers this year as a result of our recent election, VP-Elect Scott Braden and Secretary-Elect Marty Martin.  President-Elect Antonio Munguia is finishing his term as Secretary, and current Treasurer Vic Whitaker (re-elected this year) will continue in his post with the executive board. Antonio Munguia –  President Elect California Continuation High School Community, … Read More