What are the benefits of membership?

Join our community!  Read about the types of memberships and the benefits here.

How do I find which region I’m in?

Please use our CCEA regions map.  We discontinued the 12 District organization system, in favor of a new 4 Region reorganization in 2017.

How can we purchase Model School flags and diploma seals?

Schools with a Model School distinction may purchase flags and diploma seals (stickers) on the website.  You must become a Professional Member or School Member to access these purchases.  Once your account is activated, you will find these purchases here.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, but our website is now the preferred way to manage memberships and Conference registrations.  We offer discounted prices for registering online, too.  All online purchases get immediate processing, email receipts, access to a PDF invoice, and the ability to pay by credit card, PayPal and eCheck.

If you have another question, please contact us.