Because we recognize that there are many of you out there who have stepped outside of your box and developed some outstanding programs/projects, your CCEA Leadership Team committed to develop a means of recognizing this. Under the Advisement of Bob Ehlers, a committee was formed to develop the guidelines for such recognition. Following several meetings to refine the process, the program was announced for 1997 – 1998. The goal is to provide an opportunity for all continuation or alternative schools to reap the benefit of the numerous special programs that have been developed by our members. It is intended that through this process every continuation or alternative school in the state can replicate the selected programs/projects. In addition, the designation of an exemplary program provides recognition for individuals, schools and districts; provides outstanding ideas that benefit the needs of at-risk students; and, provides continuity of delivery of services statewide. Any current professional member of CCEA, or employees of a school which has a school membership in CCEA, may submit an application for the Exemplary Program/Project. Each school is limited to a single submission each year.

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