CCEA Membership, 2019 Model Continuation High School - Lee V Pollard HS featured

What is CCEA?

The California Continuation Education Association Plus (“CCEA” and “CCEA Plus” for short) has been in existence for over fifty years. Our sole focus has been to advocate for the betterment of continuation and alternative education — we do this by providing support to existing and new schools and advocacy for the needs of our students.

CCEA Plus 2022 Thursday Registration and School Visit

Member run and member funded, CCEA Plus is your #AltEd nonprofit, serving educators, administrators and students throughout the state of California.

As the California Department of Education (CDE) has continued to make cutbacks to their programs, CCEA Plus’s advocacy in the development and writing of legislation has become even more important, so that continuation schools and their educators are not forgotten. Each area region has representatives that serve the interest of their local schools, and these representatives meet twice a year in order to communicate efforts, learn of updates and provide professional supports that are then brought back to the local areas. The organization has recently added support, recognition programs and advocacy for Community Day Schools in the state of California. Join Today!

Become a Member
What can CCEA Plus do for me?
  • We work with the California Department of Education to recognize schools for their high standards of performance through our Model Schools Program.
  • We recognize Exemplary Programs and provide a statewide resource of creative and effective programs.
  • The WASC accreditation process is supported by providing visiting committee members drawn from schools, as well as workshops for preparing the school report and conducting the site visit.
  • Our website and Facebook page provides significant documents and resources, a discussion page, alternative education links and a membership directory.
  • Mentoring for other continuation and community day school educators and administrators.
  • We present an annual state-wide conference which is the only professional learning community for continuation and community day school educators. It also serves as an opportunity to make statewide recognitions for teachers, administrators, classified employees as well as the creative work of students.
  • An opportunity to network with other CCEA Plus members, join special programs and committees.
  • Regional workshops and opportunities for professional development.
  • A direct link to a CDE Liaison.
  • Discounts on Conference fees and other special events and programs.
  • Electronic newsletters.
What is the cost?

$80.00 per year for professional membership.  Not much, considering everything you get.  This membership will also provide you a discount at the annual statewide conference.  The membership of the administrators, teachers and classified staff at your schools is crucial to maintaining the efforts of CCEA in providing support to continuation schools across the State.  Join Today!

Professional Membership

CCEA PLUS - Professional MembershipThe Professional Membership is designed for the educational employee, certificated or classified, other staff, and retired educators who support alternative education. Professional members receive special member access to the CCEA Plus website, a subscription to the newsletter, opportunities to network with other members, a direct link to a CDE liaison, and discounted registrations for the state conference and other events. Professional Members are the driving force behind CCEA Plus and alternative education. The annual membership fee is $80.00. Register online now!

School Membership

CCEA PLUS - School MembershipThe School Membership is designed as a way to pay for those educational employees who cannot afford a professional membership. An example would be using a school membership to cover the cost of classified, volunteers, and part time employees. It is a way of bringing everyone who works at a school into the fold of CCEA Plus. Member schools receive a discounted package of professional memberships with all the perks and benefits of individual plans. This type of membership is recommended for participation in the Model School program and awards. When a school joins, the district superintendent also becomes a CCEA Plus member. School Memberships are important because they provide the power CCEA Plus needs to represent continuation education throughout California.  Register online now!

Affiliate Membership

CCEA PLUS - Affiliate MembershipAn affiliate member is a business owner, employee of a business or a business itself that wants to partner with CCEA Plus and support alternative education. Affiliate membership provides those businesses with a direct connection to the organization’s membership. They get special membership with opportunities to advertise and present at events (like our annual Conference), a copy of the newsletter, and access to the “members only” section of the organization’s web site. Affiliate members can purchase a membership as designated in the link.  Register online now!