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CCEA - class meetingThis event has ended, and is currently unavailable.

CCEA Plus presents Leadership Academyone-day seminar on Thursday April 26, 2018, before the CCEA+ State Conference in San Diego.  The focus will be on the Education Code and the operation of a Continuation High School.

The event will be presented by Joe Stits, former Assistant Superintendent of Bellflower Unified School District, past CCEA President and Presenter of the CCEA Plus Principals Institute.

Continuation High School Leadership Academy

When:  Thursday April 26, 2018.
Time:  8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, with a lunch break on your own.
Where:  Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina
Cost:  $250.00* (Get 10% off by registering online!)

Registration Ended

* Registration fees are paid directly to CCEA — sign up online (10% off).  You can include registration for this event as part of your registration for the 2018 State Conference.  Cost is per person.  Price this year is the same for members and non-members.

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Legal Mandates for Continuation Education — includes Ed Code provisions for school management including funding, staffing and administration, student admission, facilities, data collection and program assessment, curriculum components, instructional strategies, CDE advisories.
  2. Credit Earning misconceptions regarding continuation schools, the Carnegie Unit and an examination of seat time credit earning, alternatives such as competency based credit, project and or thematic based credit, and the use of educational technology as credit sources. Included will be two recent research studies of continuation education conducted by the UC Berkeley and Stanford University.
  3. Attendance Accounting — you will receive a copy of the CDE approved attendance accounting manual for continuation schools. Topics will include positive attendance and compulsory attendance provisions as well as ADA calculations.

The setting is an open forum for questions and answers on any of the topics and related items. We learn best in a community and that will be the styled of the presentation and is meant for the novice as well as the veteran as we can all learn from one another.

Event Announcement & Info | View PDF (printable!)


The Continuation High School Leadership Academy is a one-day seminar on key issues that leadership will face in their schools. It is designed to help them understand the key issue’s they might encounter in the leadership of that school. The examination of the Education Code provides leaders important knowledge to guide alternative education programs in your district. The format is one of open discussion in which questions and answers can be discussed. Each participant is encouraged to contribute to the discussions as we all now that our brand of educational practices are highly variant. Participants will also receive reference manuals to take with them covering important information for future use.

The Academy is presented by Joe Stits, creator and facilitator of the Continuation High School Principals Institute.

Introduction: Continuation High School History and Development
  • Education codes and regulations as set down in California Education Codes and the California code of regulations (Title V).
  • Credit earning in the continuation high school.
  • Summary of educational research studies of continuation education.
  • School assessment tools.