Guide: Welcoming Students Back to School

Back to School 2021-2022, CCEA Plus

Welcoming Students Back to School Is More Important Than Ever This Fall

  Supports for Transitions | Download PDF Guide

From Dan Sackheim at CDE: “This edition (PDF) from the Center at UCLA, of the student supports that Howard Adelman and Linda Taylor send out, begins with a great list of activities to welcome students and adults back to school… I suggest you consider sharing it forward through your email systems as well.”

Included in the free guide:

  • List of activities to welcome students back to school
  • Quick links to online resources
  • A few news stories
  • Comments and sharing from the field

Online at —

Please share with others who can benefit from the resource.

About the Center and More Free Resources

The Center resources are free and sent to school and community stakeholders across the country who are concerned about (1) daily matters confronting schools, (2) promoting whole child development and positive school climate, and (3) the transformation of student and learning supports.

The Center is a clearinghouse for a great variety of resources that are readily accessible here. The Center at UCLA is co-directed by Howard Adelman & Linda Taylor.

For those who want to be included to receive resources that the Center regularly shares, send an email to: Ltaylor (at) ucla (dot) edu.