Report: “1 in 5 Community College Students is a High Schooler”

High School graduates with diplomas

Our CDE Ambassador, Dan Sackheim, recommended this report to all members of CCEA Plus. Presented in a newsletter from The Hechinger Report, titled “1 in 5 Community College Students is a High Schooler”, you can find the entire column here written by Jill Barshay. To subscribe and support their content, visit here. Find more details at the bottom. High Schoolers … Read More

Graduating During a Pandemic

New School Community Day School, 2020 Graduation

As we all cope with the challenges of COVID-19, it’s important to celebrate the hard work of our educators, students and staff across California. On behalf of everyone at CCEA Plus, congratulations to the Class of 2020! One of our members, Bryan Love, shared his school’s graduation during the pandemic. Bryan is lead teacher at the New School Community Day … Read More

The Changing Face of Continuation Schools

CCEA - The Changing Face of Continuation Education

As we move into the LCFF/LCAP era, California’s 520 continuation high schools take on increased significance. The LCFF focuses on low income and foster youth and English language learners, who make up a majority of a continuation school’s student body. To help meet a school district’s LCAP priorities in student engagement, school climate and student achievement, continuation schools must be … Read More