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Welcome 2017

Message from CCEA President – Febrauary 16, 2017

I would like to welcome you to 2017 and a re-branding of the California Continuation Education Association.  We begin the year with 37 outstanding schools being eligible to be named Model Continuation Schools by the California Department of Education.  In addition, our website has undergone a complete makeover and looks awesome!  Please click around to see for yourself.  Our Council of District Representatives (CDR) discussed re-districting our state and constitution at our fall meeting with recommendations.  We will present and finalize our recommendations at the state conference.  Our primary goal is to reach every continuation educator in California despite location.

Conference in Fresno, April 28 – 30

CCEA - Conference Registration 2017 - Fresno, CAOur conference this year will be in Fresno (April 28-30), so please register as soon as possible.  If you have any exemplary programs or activities, please do not keep them a secret.  Please copy and paste the following link: Call for Presenters and complete a presenter’s application.  For our new continuation school administrators, a two day Principal’s Institute will precede the conference.  The group will be presented with valuable information to address the laws and nuances of continuation education.

Become a Member

Finally, please consider becoming a professional member of the CCEA.  Visit that link join, and read about the benefits of membership.  Feel good that you are supporting an organization which is dedicated to to better help support our most at-risk, or, at-promise, students.  We look forward to seeing you at the conference in Fresno.

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Reorganization Update

Letter from CCEA President – April 24, 2017

Dear Continuation School Colleagues:

Our professional organization, the California Continuation Education Association (CCEA), is proposing a necessary re-branding and overhaul to basically become a 21st century organization. The kind of structure we are recommending is the same that CCIS and ACSA have turned to in recent years and should make for a more efficient system. The changes we are proposing is to become primarily electronic so that we can reach ALL our members across the state. We want to share best practices, provide legislative updates, and have our experts statewide be resources for all of us

We are proposing a change to our by-laws and the division of our state regions. Currently, our state is divided into 12 districts. It has become difficult for members from all 12 districts to attend the Council of District Representatives (CDR) meetings.

At our north and south model school readings last fall, we proposed a re-structuring to both groups, and with some suggestions I am submitting them to you now. I am sending this message out to current members so that we can have a meeting of the Committee of the Whole at our Sunday, April 30 state meeting in Fresno at the conclusion of our conference. We strongly encourage any of you to please try and attend this meeting as all current members are entitled to participate.

The proposal is [submitted] as the “Proposal of New CCEA By-Laws.” The “Proposed New CCEA Regions” as a replacement for the 12 district system and is also attached. Please let me know if you have any questions.

California Continuation Education Association

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