Photos: Model Schools Gala 2023

CCEA Plus 2023 Friday Gala

Model School Awards Gala 2023

Date of event: Friday, April 26, 2023
Honorees of the night: newly designated California Model Schools for 2023
Hosted by: CCEA Plus, with representation from the California Department of Education (CDE)
Location of ceremony: USS Midway in San Diego, CA
Fun fact: we were on an air craft carrier on the water!

To view more information about our Model Schools this year, visit the 2023 announcement. Each school’s program summary is published here. Find more about all our awardees here for 2023. Click each pic below to view larger.

Photo credits: Kristofer Reynolds Photography in San Diego, CA. Phone: (407) 403-4271. Find on: Facebook | Instagram Kristofer Reynolds | Twitter @KRPhotoINC