State Officer Elections 2018

State Officer Voting

The California Continuation Education Association (CCEA) is holding an election for its 2018 State Officers.

Voting Begins February 15, 2018 | Ends March 15  (closed)

Voting will be held online starting Thursday, February 15th, and all CCEA members and schools are invited to vote.  Click the button below to open your ballot during the voting period 2/15/18 – 3/15/18.  To vote, you must login with an active member account first.  One vote per member. Read About the Candidates

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Your 2018 CCEA Officer Candidates

Antonio Munguia – For President

About:  “All students can be successful, some just have to be steered in the right direction” has been the driving force during my 25 years of service in public education.  During these years I have served in several leadership positions including Vice-Principal and Principal of the local high school; Superintendent of our District and for the last six years, Principal of Alternative Education which includes our Model Continuation high school, Desert Valley High School.  I have been involved with CCEA for three years and have witnessed firsthand the support and guidance that CCEA provides Continuation High Schools. This year I have served as the secretary of the executive board.  As President I look forward to not only continuing, but expanding, the great work that CCEA does for Continuation High Schools throughout the state.”

From:  Desert Valley High School / Brawley Union High School District
Title:  Alternative Education Principal
Location:  Brawley, CA
CCEA Region:  1 – Southern California

Scott Braden – For Vice President

About:  “My name is Scott Braden. I’m a fourth generation public school educator who has experienced first-hand, and believes with everything in him, that educators literally change the world as they are the molders and shapers of young peoples’ dreams. Currently, I’m honored to be a model continuation high school principal at Citrus High School in Porterville, California.

Ten of my twenty-three years in education have involved educational options service. I’ve been involved with CCEA for the past four years, have served as a Region 3 Executive Board Advisory member this past year, and have been a recipient (both personally and professionally) of the incredible resourcing CCEA does for members and for schools. I’m most proud to say that CCEA is a strong and honorable ‘voice’ that advocates for alternative education students and programs.”

From:  Citrus High School / Porterville Unified School District
Title:  Principal
Location:  Porterville, CA
CCEA Region: 3 – Central California

Vic Whitaker III – For Treasurer

About:  A CCEA member for 40 years, Vic has served in all of the organization’s executive offices. Of the 40 annual conferences he has consistently attended, he has been planner for 25 of them. Vic recently oversaw the re-branding of CCEA this past year, along with construction of the new online membership system. The new system has lifted membership and revenue substantially, adding member profiles and interaction features, and better tracking for membership dues and registration fees. Notably in the past, Vic served as treasurer during the return from bankruptcy. He continues to be a strong force of continuity among the other officers, as well as an essential keeper of accounts.

From:  San Diego, CA
Title:  State Treasurer
CCEA Region:  1 – Southern California

Marty Martin – For Secretary

About:  “After almost 30 years in the business world working primarily in distribution logistics I returned to my first career choice, Education! I bring to my students and to the CCEA my experiences of helping to run large enterprise businesses and smaller entrepreneurial enterprises. I am currently in my 12th year of full time teaching in a continuation education setting. The first seven years I taught in a school with an enrollment average of 85 students. My current school, Frontier High School in Whittier, CA, averages about 400 students. These experiences have allowed me to gain many skills and wonderful opportunities to build relationships with students as well as helping them in their academic progress. I have been involved in the CCEA for the past ten years, this past year as an Advisor to the Executive Board. I have led Model Continuation High School visits for many years and am grateful to see so many wonderful and inventive ways that schools are finding to help kids. Additionally, I have had many opportunities to participate in and even chair WASC visits, always in alternative educational settings. I am grateful to have been a part of the recent reorganization of the CCEA into four regions and the revising of our constitution and by-laws allowing for a more responsive Executive Board.

I look forward to serving the CCEA.”

From:  Frontier High School / Whittier Union High School District
Title:  Teacher
Location:  Whittier, CA
CCEA Region:  2 – Mid-Southern California

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Voting is Closed

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