Conference Announcements: Party, Theme Days, Keynote

CCEA Meet and Greet announcement

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Conference Theme Days

Get ready to have fun! Each day of the Conference will has a different theme for you and your team to run with.

Thursday — wear your favorite aviator, flight attendant, or pilot gear.

Friday — show your region pride! Rep your region’s color. Note sure which region you are in?  View all CCEA regions here

  • Region 1 — Yellow
  • Region 2 — Purple
  • Region 3 — Red
  • Region 4 — Blue

Saturday — show your school, district or organization’s pride.

Sunday — we INSPIRE! Wear a t-shirt or shirt with your favorite inspirational quote.

CCEA Conference Theme Days 2023

Conference Meet and Greet Party

Date: Thursday, April 27, 2023 (7 – 9PM)
Location: Catalina Room, San Diego Sheraton

Get ready to take off! For the 2023 Conference, we’ll be hosting a meet and greet social on Thursday, April 27th, at the hotel venue. Running with the theme of the Conference “Taking Off Into the Future”, the party will feature music, games, giveaways, and networking.

Don’t forget to wear your favorite aviator, flight attendant or pilot gear.

Free to all Conference attendees.

CCEA Conference Meet and Greet 2023

Conference Keynote Speaker

Martin Leyva, Project Rebound at CSU-San MarcosWe’re excited to announce keynote speaker Martin Leyva will join us at this year’s Conference.


Martin Leyva is the program coordinator for Project Rebound at CSU-San Marcos. Leyva is a formerly incarcerated professor, and is now a doctoral student at the University of California-San Diego in Education. He institutionalized the Transitions Program, which offers therapeutic and educational opportunities for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students. Leyva’s work uses emotional intelligence, meditation & mindfulness, and spiritual healing practices.

Watch Martin’s Videos:

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