Article: Alternative Education Models During the Pandemic

CCEA Plus, Class of 2021

The following excerpt comes from an article about alternative education models during the pandemic. The Fort Bragg USD community is featured, along with a continuation high school and two community day schools. Read the full article by Mary Makela in the Fort Bragg Advocate-News.

Excerpt from the Article on “Big Picture Learning”

Source: Article by Mary Makela

Just prior to the pandemic and the closing of in-person instruction, the Alternative Education school site, which includes Noyo High School [a continuation high school], Lighthouse Community Day School, and Shelter Cove Community Day School, had shifted to a whole new way of teaching and learning, called Big Picture Learning. This education model is based on students discovering what they are interested in, through a process of self-inquiry and reflection; students then work with their advisor to put together a small team (other school staff, friends, community members, family etc.) to create a Learning Plan.

They then explore their chosen topics, working on projects, culminating in an exhibition (occurring quarterly) they present to their Learning Team. Older students progress to job/career-based learning; students find a local person in the community to work with as their mentor, as they learn a specific job or skill that interests them. This real-world style of learning fully engages students as they see the relevance of what they are learning first-hand. Our hats are off to the Alt. Ed. staff!

Article: “FBUSD board gives thanks to staff, community for help during pandemic” in the Fort Bragg Advocate-New, by author Mary Makela. Find the full article here.