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Regional Advisors are essential to CCEA Plus as they bring knowledge, service, skill, capacity, best practices, networking and advocacy to the organization’s mission and purpose. It is entirely voluntary. There are 2-8 regional advisors who all serve at the discretion of the CCEA Executive Board on an annual basis. The four CCEA Plus regions are represented — currently the organization has a southern and a northern representative, serving regions 1-2 and 3-4, respectively.

Serving as a Regional Advisor is a one year commitment, which is reaffirmed by the Board annually. A regional advisor can serve a total of three consecutive years if reaffirmed each year. One is eligible to apply as a Regional Advisor so long as they are CCEA Plus members and in good standing.


Under the direction of the President or Executive Director, the Representative will support, cultivate and promote the mission of CCEA Plus. The Representative will assist in a variety of tasks depending on CCEA Plus activities and deadlines. This position helps to extend CCEA Plus to better provide and direct resources to its members and promote the organization to alternative education schools. Each representative will perform similar duties in their designated region and be responsible for maintaining communications with schools and members.

CCEA Plus is seeking individuals who are hardworking, innovative, self-motivated and passionate about alternative education. Individuals interested in applying must be members of the organization and want to further their involvement to strengthen and advance the mission of CCEA Plus.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  1. Recruit Readers for MCHS and MCDS
  2. Recruit Vendors for conference(s)
  3. Interview Continuation and Community Day Schools for The Spotlight newsletter
  4. Connect with Continuation Schools that have been recognized for PBIS supports
  5. Connect, interact and support Continuation and CDS that are not Model Schools
  6. Connect non-Model Schools to MCHS and MCDS (i.e. visits, share best practices, etc.)
  7. Create a library of exemplary systems, programs, structures and/or activities to share best practices with the Alt. Ed. community.
  8. Create a bridge to connect continuation and community day schools within a local area to network and share best practices
  9. Increase membership / recruit
  10. Assist with localized workshops/professional development
  11. Attend meetings in person or through video conferencing
  12. Actively participate in Model School Readings (MCHS & CDS)
  13. Regional Advisors exemplify integrity and a growth mindset, are purposeful and resourceful, and employ a team minded, positive attitude. Regional Advisors (RA’s) represent their regions by giving voice, bringing awareness and resourcing — regions to CCEA Plus, and CCEA Plus to their respective regions.
  14. Regional Advisors participate at quarterly Board meetings (September, January, April and August).
  15. Regional Advisors are a first point of contact for their regions. They develop strong networks and relationships within their regions.
  16. Regional Advisors fully participate in the CCEA Plus annual Conference, wherein they head up, chair and lead specific committees, perform duties and tasks, and organize events. Regional Advisors support and assist in the successful operation of the annual conference (i.e. setup, facilitate a session, support vendors, etc.).
  17. Regional Advisors can expect to be away from their educational sites between five and seven days during the school year in order to conduct the business of CCEA Plus. Regional Advisors must receive permission from their respective sites/districts/organizations.
  18. Other Duties as Assigned
Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
  1. Experience working in an Alternative Educational Setting (certificated or classified)
  2. Ability to use technology (MS Office, Google Workspace and Social Media)
  3. Knowledge of CA Ed. Code requirements regarding Continuation HS and/or Community Day Schools
  4. Ability to communicate effectively
  5. Work effectively in a team environment and problem solve
Minimum Requirements, Skills & Conditions To Be Considered For Position:
  1. Experience working in an Alternative Educational Setting (certificated or classified)
  2. Ability to use technology (MS Office, Google Workspace and Social Media)
  3. Minimum commitment of two (2) hours per week
  4. Attend board meetings in person or via video conferencing
  5. Attend CCEA Plus conferences and model school readings
  6. Availability during non-work hours (evenings and weekends)

Timeline: New applications will be accepted each year starting November 15th. The cut-off date for submissions is February 2nd. If you are interested in applying to be an Advisor, please submit the form below between November 15th and February 2nd. Applications will be formally reviewed in March, and Board-approved Advisors will be announced in April.

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